Jean Paul Lubliner's architectural vision is divided into three essential axes that are the foundation of his work.

  • The first axis takes into account the architectural concept, light, space and perspectives.

    "How do you bring in light to make space vibrate and make it alive? Play with perspectives by drawing and/or redesigning lines

  • The second axis takes into account ecology, the integration of the latest technologies in energy saving, thermal, water recovery, air quality in the habitat …

    "Today, construction techniques, home automation, dual-flow VMC, Canadian wells, thermal insulation, heat pump…are all tools for designing the habitat of the third millennium"

  • The third axis takes into account the quality of life in the home, comfort, design, art…

    "For a person who comes to ask me to accompany him to revise his living space, it is essential that it is a place that has been designed for him and with him to adapt the construction to the modernity of today, to be part of a contemporary design with approach HQE (high environmental quality) .»,

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