Exhibition S IGNE (S),
from March 30 to April 28, 2019 at the Lubliner Art Ver
nissage gallery on March 29 from 7 p.m.


On the occasion of the international meetings of the drawing fair in Paris and the Drawing Now exhibition, Galerie Lubliner Art is happy to invite you to the exhibition S IGNES (S) which brings together artists, illustrators and painters who express themselves through the poetics of gesture, do it by line, sign.

S IGNE (S) .m

– This allows you to know or recognize, guess or predict something.
– A gesture or mimic to make known a thought or to manifest a desire, an order.
– Distinctive mark made on something. Material representation of a thing, drawing, figure or sound having a conventional character.
– Extraordinary phenomenon, miracle, in the supernatural, religious realm.

Jade Flamand explores the frontiers of the sensitive world through the art of drawing. It accesses the secrets of our consciousness and thus delivers an intimately universal art. The artist here offers us access to a passage between the earthly and cosmic worlds as they are reflected in us.
In the tender darkness of the world, the artist invites us to go down to the bottom of the well as in ourselves and question the limits of reality.
At the heart of the cosmic conflict, the animal humanity is embodied in a Kafkaesque world revealed by the omniscient line of drawing.

Leo Marsal sets out to explore the mythological body through the pure line and shows an aesthetic of fantasy and original fusion. The soul and the body are the research tools of the artist who reveals by drawing a part of the Dionysian momentum constituting our beings.
The intertwining of life and death impulses, male and female energies, invites us into the world of the first world evoking the myth of Aristophanes and the creature of the androgynous human.

Cédric Diomede invites us into a dreamlike world where the notion of human nature is explored. Caressing forests, sensitive stars, eternal childhood, the delicacy of the world is revealed at times in the artist's drawings. We witness the fantasy of a harmony between the circles through the poetry of the line and the candour of the gaze. The tenderness of the gesture is here the signature of the work.

Maud Flamand's work starts from his intimate questions: In
the heart of the meant world taking a totalitarian turn going as far as the All impalpable and up to the recent conception of a virtual "
reality", what about my body, my ground support, the sensitivity of what really surrounds me?
Is the reality of my sensitive body nothing more than this smoothed spectral projection? This emptiness that etymologically also comes from sight?
Does this constant lack really belong to me?
From the image to the sensitive body, from the point of view to the incarnate sensitivity, between these two states, there are some deconstructed concepts or myths.

Curator – Pierre Wyszogrod Galer
iste – Mathilda Lindell

The opening will take place on March 29 from 7pm to 11pm, admission will be by reservation – please confirm your visit to ml@lubliner.art

Booking required – private event – sign up with this link:


Gallery open From Wednesday to Sunday by appointment.


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